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2 transactions on a same date in Attendance Detail



The below explains the  reason and soult where  2 transactions on a same  date  appears in Attendance Detail





Two transactions  on a same  date  (of course, not  on the  same  times)  for an  employee  are  possible, when  that  employee has worked  2 shifts in that  day.


But, in your case,  the  employee didn’t work 2 shifts; so, the  possibility is:

- User have  modified the  Duty  0rganiser and  performed Attendance  Processing without deleting the  Attendance Detail that  you have  processed earlier.



To solve this problem:

a) Purge  both  transactions from the  Attendance Detail

Go  to  Housekeeping—  Administrative  Tools—Purge  Attendance  Detail,  specify  the  employee number and date  range  of the  transaction to be deleted, 0K.

b)  Perform   Attendance   Processing and   Time  Calculation.  Check  the   result  at  Attendance Detail.


In  future, having  modified  the  Duty  Organiser,  you  must  delete  the  processed Attendance  Detail before  running Attendance Processing.


* Purge  Attendance Detail is only available in version on/after 07 Nov 2005.

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