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Multi Currency


The solution below shows the steps to activate the functionality of Multi Currency.



1.    >Go to Housekeeping—>eneral Setup—>age 2, tick Multi  Currency checkbox, click “Ok“.  

2.    >Go  to  Transactions  File  Maintenance,  add  a  transaction,  at  Currency  Code  and  Currency

Amount fields key in code and amount, then click “Save“.

3.    To  customize   the   statementreport,  go  to  table   glpost.dbf,  drag   and   drop   the   fields:

glpost.tcurrency and glpost.tcurramt into report format, then save it.

4.    >review  the  statement  report,  the  currency  code  and  currency  amount  will  be  displayed  at footer (on top of aging table).

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Last update: 2010-11-08 07:45
Author: Noor Diyana
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